Why Do We Avoid Grains And Wheat During Navratri

If you are doing the strict Navratri fasting, grains, wheat and obviously, meat and alcohol are to be avoided. Also many of us avoid salty food. But behind this Navratri diet lies a solid explanation. So why do we avoid grains and wheat even if they are veg food?

Well, to start with, Navratri is a period about cleaning our own body (purification) and building good karma. So let’s see the religious reason. According to the holy scriptures, during this period of Navratri, grains accumulate and attract negative karmic energies from the surrounding environment. Since we fast for Navratri to get rid of our bad karma, eating grains and wheat will contradict the whole reason for the fast.

Now if you are not satisfied with this religious reason, let’s see the scientific reason to avoid grains during Navratri. Basically Navratri is about purifying ourselves but Navratri is also the period of the changing season. We all know that during this period, our body is more vulnerable to seasonal diseases and flu.

Grains are scientifically known to contain gluten. Scientific studies have shown that food containing gluten can slightly reduce the immunity level of our body but this varies greatly for each person.

As such this fast in a way helps us to keep our immune system strong during the changing season and also while avoiding meat and alcohol we are helping our body to further strengthen the immune system.

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