Navratri And Durga Puja Explained

Durga MaaNavratri is one of the most important Hindu fasts and festival which consists of 9 nights dedicated to the Goddess Durga. The festival is also known as Navaratri, Navarathri or simply Durga Puja. Navratri consists of a set of 9 days and nights where 9 different avatars of the Goddess Durga are worshiped.

How To Fast And Do Navratri Puja

Navratri PicturesAlmost all Hindu fast for Navratri but the way of fasting differs a lot among each other. Navratri fasting can be done in the strict way or in a more lenient way depending on the health and physical capability of the devotee. Here we illustrate a short but to the point step by step guide to fast for Navratri.

Navratri Quotes and Messages

Navratri MessagesCollected here are some user contributed Navratri quotes and Durga Puja sms messages which you can use to wish a pious Navratri to your family and friends.

Maa Durga and Kali Wallpapers

Kali Mata pictureThis collection of Navratri pictures featuring Maa Durga and Maa Kali wallpapers is free to be downloaded and used on your desktop pc.

Special Navratri Recipes

Santoshi MataNavratri dishes and snacks have a really awesome taste. Here are 4 of the most famous Navratri recipes which you can try during the Navaratri fasting. They are all quite easy to prepare.

Navratri Dates and Calendar

Durga Mata pictureNavratri calendar listing precalculated dates of Navratri for the year 2013, 2014, and 2015 based on the Lunar Hindu Calendar.